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Material: microfiber
Brand: Alfie
Hair Type: All, Dry, Thick
Color: Silver, Brown, Blue
Number of Items: 8

The set includes 8" Flea Comb, 8" Double Comb, 7" Demat Comb, 6.75" Mat Breaker, 7" Slicker Brush, 8.75" Double Brush, 6.5" Undercoat Rake, 6.25" Nail Clipper and a Microfiber Fast-Dry Towel. Your pet will love the extra attention he gets as you comb through his coat to check for any unwanted parasites. Product comes with Alfie Signature zip-lock storage bag for convenience and protection for years to come.
This brush and trimmer full set are ideal for everyday use - no household with pets should be without one. Great for multiple pet households.
Be sure to brush your dog before bathing, as water can tighten any existing mats.
Alfie Microfiber Fast-Dry Pet Drying Towel is made of a specially designed, ultra-tightly woven material, known for its excellent absorption and ultra-fast drying speed. Measures 28" x 18" - hand towel size. Absorb up to eight times its own weight in water, quickly allowing you to dry your pet much faster than traditional cotton towels.
Gel grip handle for maximum control and extremely comfortable to work with. Keep your hand in a natural position to prevent fatigue and repetitive motion injury.

Alfie Pet - Devin 8-Piece Home Grooming Set - Flea Comb, Double Comb, Demat Com

SKU: B00ODVSB1We4t6gfdsdef
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