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                           Scoop up the mess, snap on the bowl, and walk away with BLife DogBuddy Pooper Scooper and Collapsible Bowl – the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for all pet parents! Say goodbye to dirty hands and stop juggling with multiple tools with our portable dog accessories set! BLIFE DOGBUDDY POOPER SCOOPER AND COLLAPSIBLE BOWL -With a thoughtful extendable back, our poop scoop is great for picking up small to large messes, making it suitable for all dog sizes! -The integrated waste bag compartment is compatible with all standard-size rolls to enable handy and hassle-free poop picking + disposal. -The built-in leash hook allows you to easily carry the poop scoop so that you won't ever forget it! -The scoop has rounded edges for easy scooping and less strain on your hands. -Available in 3 trendy and eye-catching colors (blue, yellow, grey) to suit every pet parent's style and match your fur baby's personality. -Bundled with a 1000 ml black collapsible bowl for on-the-go hydration + feeding – take care of doggy doo to hunger pangs with just one set! -Why just stop picking pet poop? Our multipurpose tool can be used for cleaning up other messes too like cleaning up litter or picking up trash. -Made from premium-quality materials, this poop scoop and collapsible pet accessory set is incredibly durable, long-lasting, and can withstand any type of weather. -The perfect tool for keeping sidewalks and lawns clean, this pet scooper is also easy to clean and maintain – designed to every pet parent’s life easy! WE PROVIDE A 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! All our products are made under strict compliance with stringent quality standards!  So, why worry? ORDER NOW to experience unmatched convenience and effortless pet care!                                                              
  • [NO MESS & FUSS POOP SCOOPER] – Scoop up all of your pet's waste without ever having to touch it with BLife Dog Scooper Pooper – the ultimate poop picker-upper solution to clean up after your furry friend! With an integrated waste bag compartment and an extendable back, our 2-in-1 dog pooper scooper with bag attachment also has a leash hook so that you'll never forget it on walks again – HASSLE-FREE dog poop picker upper!
  • [BE ALWAYS PREPARED WITH COLLAPSIBLE DOG BOWLS] – Bundled with a 1000 ml portable dog bowl, our thoughtful dog gadgets set is PERFECT for on-the-go hydration and feeding! Featuring a nifty easy to store + carry collapsible design, our dog travel bowl makes sure that your pet has to never be thirsty or hungry again - poop to chow in ONE CONVENIENT PACKAGE with our dog must haves pooper scoopers & travel dog bowls!
  • [EFFORTLESS & EFFICIENT PET POOPER SCOOPER] – Designed to remove dog poop and waste from every type of surface with ease, this dog poop scooper for yard has an extendable back and large size, making it perfect for small to large dogs alike. Why bother with multiple pooper scoopers when you can carry just one dog poop scoop/ dog scooper for all your fur babies?
  • [SLEEK & CHIC DOG WASTE CLEANER] – Not only functional but also stylish, this dog poop scooper is available in 3 trendy colors: blue, yellow, and grey - a great portable pooper scooper + travel water bowl for dogs set for every pet-lover! Lightweight and easy to carry along, the poop scooper for dogs can be used for other messes too like cleaning up litter or picking up trash – VERSATILE pooper scooper for large dogs!
  • [CLEAN AND GREEN ENVIRONMENT] – Blife pooper scooper for small dog is JUST THE RIGHT TOOL for keeping sidewalks and lawns clean! Easily pick up your furry friend’s poopy presents in the pooper scooper bags without having to deal with icky smells - say goodbye to dirty hands and hello to a CLEANER ENVIRONMENT. Our portable water bowl for dog and scoop set is an ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE for every pet parent

Blife Portable Dog Pooper Scooper with Bag Attachment and Collapsible Dog Bowl

SKU: B0BRKCCBXKe4t6gfdsdef
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