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Color: Light Apricot
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12 x 2 x 10 inches
Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

Safety and Cute Design: There is only one cat window perch in the package that can be suitable for large fat cat or double cats. The design of this cat hammock fully considers the safety of cats and cat lovers. There are no sharp angles or sharp accessories to protect against accidental scratches .We also added two cute kitten footprints to increase the cuteness of this window hammock for cat. Putting it in the house also adds a lot of fun!
Breathable Teslin Mesh: There is no strange smell for the window cat perch, and safe for our cat. The breathability of the Teslin material will keep the cat's body temperature from overheating, and putting a blanket in winter will be its warmest window cat bed.
Food-grade Hygiene ABS Tubes: Compared with PVC tubes, we are using ABS tubes for our cat hammock for window, which is much stronger with long-lasting color and good impact resistance. The highest standard of our ABS tube is comply with food standard and 100% safe for cat. The window cat bed is not easy to get aging and deteriorate in the sun, be stored for up to 50 years.
Super Strong High Quality suction cup: Diameter of 3.15inch strong Suction Cup, Can hold over 50lbs. If you want to re-install the cat window perch after long time, the suction cup still strong enough to support the cat perch for window seat.
Stainless Steel Rope: The rope can withstand 440lbs of pulling force without deformation. It is designed in a screw-tightening installation, you can tighten or disassemble the cat window bed just by lightly screwing.

Cat Window Perch,Cat Hammock for Indoor/Outdoor Large Gat

SKU: B0C6FC62NMe4t6gfdsdef
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