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Target Species: Dog
Size: Medium
Minimum Weight Recommendation: 10 Pounds
Occasion: New year, Birthday, Thanksgiving
Special Feature: Lightweight, Adjustable

UNIQUE & SPECIAL APPEARANCE: This dog goggles design is in perfect accordance with the dog’s face, so the slightly curved goggles cling to your dog’s face precisely. Meanwhile, there are vent holes around the dog glasses that look like comb teeth, these dense holes can quickly dissipate among the heat generated by the dog.
LIGTHWEIGHT, SOFT & DURABLE: The pet sunglasses are formed by UV-resistant PC lens and silicone optical frames, which is proven to be supple and lightweight. It can be used for quite a long time. Your dog feels way comfortable without any burden when wearing our goggles.
ADJUSTABLE STRAP: The dog goggles have a high level of elasticity with adjustable length. It is suitable for small dogs and medium dogs. The double strap - the head strap and chin strap enables your dog to wear it in a sturdy way. The goggles don’t fall off easily and easy to wear.
PROTECT YOUR DOG’S EYES: Not only does it provides a good view for your dog, but the soft framework doesn’t drag the fur of your dog’s face and eyes. It can prevent ultraviolet ray, wind, blizzard, snow, dirt and ashes. It can also keep dog’s eyes from injury under the external environment.
SIZE: Suitable for small to medium dogs over 10 pounds, such as poodles, schnauzers, retrievers, dobermans, corgis, etc., NOT suitable for small miniature pets. Head radian - 7.87 inches (20cm); Height - 1.96 inches (5cm). Under radian - 2.17 inches(5.5 cm).

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SKU: B09LH7Z4MRe4t6gfdsdef
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