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  • 🐶【Dog Fetch Toys Tennis Balls for Aggressive Chewer】Crafted with ETPU material, these dog chew toys have exceptional durability, flexibility, and lightweight, offer superior bounce and long-distance performance, making them more resistant to tears, punctures, and deformation. They are also toxic-free, and most importantly Bite-proof. Have a good time with your dog on the beach and pool with kimee extremely durable dog flying disc and a dog ball!
  • 🔥【Funny Interactive Dog Toy Bundle】Kimee flying discs are designed to excel in long-distance performances and exhibit superior aerodynamics, they can soar through the air effortlessly, glide smoothly, providing longer and more exciting throws. The dog chew ball has better bounce than ordinary tennis balls. Moreover, their buoyant design allows them to float on water, so your pet can play on water or land, motivating them to breathe fresh air, run, swim, and exercise.
  • 🥎【Dental Health and Excises】Our Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers serve as both flying discs and chew toys for dogs. Chewing is the most natural way to clean your Dog's mouth. The bumpy surface of our flying discs and balls will rub away all the food residues left in your dog's mouth, aiding his oral hygiene. They provide physical exercise, mental stimulation, and promote dental health through chewing. Bring this surprise for your fur friends now!
  • ✅【Long-lasting and Easy to Clean】Kimee indestructible tennis balls for dog and flying discs are built to withstand rigorous play and endure the test of time. They are highly indestructible, resistant to wear and tear, and can withstand outdoor extreme cold and heat weather without compromising performance like those ones made of rubber. Additionally, they are quite resistant to stains, simply rinse them with water and they would be like the new ones.
  • 💗【Hassal-free After-Sales Service】We provide prompt responses, effective solutions, and a satisfying shopping experience. We offer a warranty of up to 60 days, if you have any concerns or inquiries regarding our product, our dedicated support team is always available to assist you.

Kimee Tennis Balls Dog Fetch Toys, Soft Dog Flying Disc ETPU Long-distance, Flo

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