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Color: Natural
Brand: Kitty Sift
Size: 6 Piece Set
Material: Cardboard
Product Dimensions: 17.75"L x 13.8"W x 4"H
Style: (Large) Litter Box Only
Target Species: Cat
Allergen Information: Sulphur Dioxide Free

QUICK & CONVENIENT: Saves time; no cleaning or chemicals required
ECO ADVANTAGE: Made from 100% post-consumer waste plastic-free, recycled cardboard material
ECONOMICAL DESIGN: Keeps litter drier and fresher longer, which is naturally attractive to cats; featuring durable water-resistant material to avoid leaks
VERSATILE: Disposable and can be used as a liner; compatible with many hooded litter boxes
CLEANER & HEALTHIER: Reduces buildup and ammonia odor
PRODUCT DETAILS: Large, 6-Pack Litter Box; 17.75" x 13.8" x 4"
RECOMMENDATIONS: Replace every 2 to 3 weeks, or as needed; usage may vary based upon your litter type and kitty's habits

Kitty Sift (6-Pack) Disposable Cat Litter Box, Sustainable, Clean - Large, 6-Pa

SKU: B0B179VZS1e4t6gfdsdef
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