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Brand: Primens
Size: 2 oz
Color: White
Closure Type: Pull-On
Target Species: Dog

CAT & DOG PAW BALM: Softens a dry pet’s nose and cracked paws. This paw balm dogs protects the pet's footpads from irritants like salt, heated asphalt, or cold. Repairs dry, cracked, or chapped paws & works as a dog nose balm
ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: A paw balm dogs lick safe is made of natural moisturizing and regenerating ingredients that work gently and effectively. No artificial colors or flavors that might be unfriendly to your pet. Our paw pad moisturizer is sаfе for your pet, even if they lick it off.
EASY TO APPLY: Our dog paw cream absorbs quickly. Leaves no residues on your flooring or furniture. Paw balm for dogs is available in a cost-saving 5 oz version.
LONG-LASTING EFFECT: Our paw cream for dogs creates an invisible layer around your pet’s nose or paws for a lasting effect. 5 oz paw butter balm for dogs will last longer with normal use. Apply before every walk in hot or cold weather. Use several times a week during the off-season.
WHEN TO PUT PAW MOISTURIZER FOR DOGS: Apply when your dog is calm or asleep. Put socks on to let the cat paw balm get absorbed if the pet is awake.

Natural Dog Paw Balm, Dog Paw Protection for Hot Pavement, Dog Paw Wax for Dry

SKU: B0915S6PFPe4t6gfdsdef
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