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  • NOSEWORK FOR DOGS - Are you wondering where to look to find an all in one dog enrichment toy? Look no further! Our scent work kit for dogs engages your dog’s brain on a task with 3 interactive games to keep them engaged and focused! While building confidence, our mentally stimulating toys for dogs also have a soothing calming effect due to the endorphins sniffing releases in your dog's brain during play!
  • INTERACTIVE BEHAVIORAL TOOL - Our dog brain games provide a fun activity indoors and outdoors to keep your dog entertained and fulfilled. Nosework taps into multiple different functions including confidence building, reducing stress, & relieving anxiety. This builds a sense of agency that is helpful for coping with challenging environments!
  • DOG CATNIP & HOW IT WORKS - Your dog’s smell is estimated to be 10,000 to 100,000 stronger than yours! With this in mind, we set out to use a unique smell that dogs will latch on to. Anise is a scent that has a strong odor that is easy for dogs to detect - it is known to excite dogs and is used in nosework competitions. The scent has no adverse effect on your dog and will provide a fun unique experience unlike no other!
  • GIVE YOUR DOG A PURPOSE - Your dog loves having a goal just as much as we do! Nosework gives them direction and the opportunity to lead with their most powerful sense. Works especially well with dogs that are visually or mobility impaired. It is a great activity for dogs that are reactive or have activity limitations after surgery. Great for burning excess energy for your dog! Unlike other scentwork kits, there is no set up required!
  • OUR PHILOSOPHY - We believe nosework should be a staple for all dog lovers just like the walk is. It differentiates from a walk where there is a single narrow focused goal that gets your dog’s full attention with no distractions. Where a walk is more open and there are opportunities everywhere to look/smell, the nosework puzzle toy is designed to keep your dog focused on one job and let them take the lead.

The Nosey Nose: Nosework Scentwork Training for Dogs Puzzle Brain Games, Anise

SKU: B0BXFQFW9Qe4t6gfdsdef
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