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Brand: Zelecube
Target Species: Dog
Product Dimensions: 43.3"L x 29.5"W x 45.1"H
Gap Size: 22 months
Material: Alloy Steel

🐶【Heavy Duty & Escape-proof】Totally built with heavy metal, this dog kennel uses 0.78’’x0.78’’x0.3’’ steel tube to shape its frame and puts reinforced steel sheet to seal around, making it very strong to “hold” your large destructive dogs, avoiding them from damaging and escaping from it.
🐶【45’’ with Peaked Roof for Large Dogs】This large dog kennel has overall dimensions 43.3"L X 29.5"W X 45.1"H, its roomy space can contain large dogs with shoulder height up to 35’’, the peaked roof design gives a good amount of headroom to let your dogs feel more comfortable, it’s like a cave, your dogs will be happy to go in.
🐶【Chew-proof & Calm Your Dogs】Wall and roof of this dog cage are made with perforated patterned grate, unlike those bars or wires design, this one can avoid your dogs from chewing through it to damage it or hurt themselves. Plus, this pattern supplies extra coverage, it calm your dogs and let them feel more safe in it, easier for them to go rest.
🐶【Double Door & Lockable Wheels】Designed with a front door and an up door, not only convenient for dogs in and out but also good for you to interact with them, each door is installed with anti-escape locks. The four lockable wheels allow you to easily move the cage or fix it in settled place.
🐶【Easy Assemble & Customer Guarantee】Most parts were pre-installed, package contains all tools and instruction, an be simply assembled by one person within 15 minutes. We guarantee that any disappointed order can be replaced or returned within 30 days.

Zelecube 45’’ Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Large Dogs, Chew-Proof Metal Dog Ken

SKU: B0B6V9HTVKe4t6gfdsdef
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